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Climbing activity


Even if you've never rock climbed before then you can enjoy scaling Todra's vertical limestone walls with a professional guide

 Todra Gorge is onThe geological landscape of Morocco provides plentiful opportunity for travellers that enjoy a more adventurous activity such as rock climbing. The vertical limestone walls of the Todra’s gorge region provide a great location to pursue this activity.  Depending on your level of experience, a professional guide aids you through this exciting experience. This region that has grown for rock climbing is located south-western of the Atlas Mountains; 6-hour drive from Marrakech, outside the town of Tinghir.  Organised tour to pursue your rock climbing experience are combined with an insight the historical richness of the culture of this area. e of the first climbing destinations where you'll find a fascinating blend of adventure, sport, and culture. The gorge is located on the south-western edge of the Atlas Mountains, about 6 hours by car from Marrakech, just outside of the town of Tinghir .

The climbing here is predominantly well-bolted sport climbing, but unlike a typical Mediterranean sport venue, Todra has a distinctly adventurous feel to it.

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