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This activity has grown in its popularity with visitors to Morocco.  It engages travelers from all age groups and abilities.  It offers traveling through the Atlas Mountains or the desert region of Morocco.  All rides are guided with a local expert, who will be accompany during your trekking experience.  Historically, camels have been known as the ‘ship of the desert’, aiding Sahara traders through the routes of North Africa.  Today, camels offer the thrill and experience of riding these beautiful animals  as you admire the beautiful scenic landscape of mountains, villages and the desert.

Interesting facts about camels:


  • The lifespan of a camel is 40-50 years

  • An adult camel can reach 7 feet in height and weighs approximately 1500 pounds.

  •  The hump of the camel is for storage of fat which is broken down to provide energy for the animal in times of hunger.

  •  Their ability to travel long distances without food and water, allows them to be the best transport system of the desert and other remote areas of the world.

  • They can drink up to 40 gallons of water at once.

  • They can run 40 miles/hour

  • They long double eyelashes prevent sands entering the eyes, furry ears keep the dust and sand away from the ears and their feet are developed (two toes spreading) avoid their feet sinking in the sand of the desert.

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